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   A Brief History …

Gareth Bruce    A.K.A.    Mister Bird

Singer-songwriter  *  Poet  *  Minstrel

    Wayfaring and whimsical by nature, weaving stories into melodies, in his own bluesy/folk, foot-tapping style. Mister Bird highlights the magic of the wild & the subtle miracles of everyday. Recognized for his heart moving performances, and his powerful & oh so gentle voice. Gracefully singing about the heavy truths of life, love and loss, bringing them to the light in song. 

    Born and raised in the small mountain town of Canmore, Gareth grew up with the forest as his backyard. You can hear his love for nature pouring out through his music. Inspired by the starry night, old trees, moss-covered canyons and the way water sings. As soon as he could, he left home, with a backpack and an adventurous spirit to New Zealand. It was there where he got his first guitar. He had helped a friend build a fence in trade for an old dusty 5 string Yamaha. It wasn’t before long he fixed the broken string and wrote a collection of unique folk songs. Like flowers blooming overnight a dream was born.

   Gareth has travelled the world with his music, on a wing and a prayer. Playing all kinds of venues along the way. From street corners to stages, pubs, cafes, dive bars, outdoor festivals, house concerts, even on mountaintops! He returned to Canada in 2017 & continued performing, with the intention of  finally recording some of his songs.  In less than a week, in a small cabin below cedars by the sea, Gareth recorded his first full-length album titled “ The Immeasurable Blue ”. Its raw, original and as real as it gets. He released the album independently and hit the road, touring through Alberta and B.C.


   He has since then released several singles, music videos and an EP titled “ Dead Red Love ”. Inspired by a classic heartbreak story, its personal, poetic and all about learning how to love again. Gareth is currently working on a new project titled “Heal your Mother”. Focusing on climate change, excess, waste and the death of an outdated system. He continues to perform, singing, howling and telling stories in the Bow Valley and the surrounding area. His future goal is to further establish his presence in the Western Canadian music scene. 


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